Let's Ride

Let’s Ride is split into four categories, or ‘gears’: 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, 3rd Gear and 4th Gear.

1st Gear is online only | 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gear are taught by CA accredited coaches or by the PE teacher.

Under 7 Years

Providing parents with the skills and resources to teach their children how to ride a bike.

Free Program

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1st gear resources.

8-10 Years or grade 3 and 4

Balancing, riding, safe practice in road and transport environments.

2nd Gear is designed for grade 3 & 4 students and focuses on bike control skills so that kids are taught the techniques to enable them to ride more proficiently in a traffic-free environment (park, backyard, around the block, etc.)

The program is also supported by a suite of learning materials to reinforce the key messages learnt during the program, including a progression tracker, at-home skills and worksheets.

10-12 Years or grade 5-6

Skills, achievement, visible progression, pride, fun.

3rd Gear is designed for grade 5 & 6 students and focuses on riding and situational awareness skills so that kids are given the competencies to enable them to ride safely in low-traffic environments (shared paths, footpaths, bike paths, quiet streets, etc.)

12-15 Years or grade 7-8

Fun, interactive, active, learning, confidence.
4th Gear is designed for Yr. 7 & 8 students and focuses on bike control, road safety and riding in groups, so that participants are given the competencies to enable them to ride safely in the community, value active transport as a genuine transport option and consider the possibility of participating in cycling as a sport.

Let’s Race

Learning to ride is a rite of passage, but learning to ride safely is a skill that children need to be taught. With more than 1.9 million Australian children riding their bikes every week, Cycling Australia (CA) has created the Let’s Race program to allow school-aged riders to learn more skills and enjoy cycling as a sport.

Let’s Race is a fun and interactive experience that provides opportunity to learn higher level cycling skills designed for children 9 -12 years old.

Let’s Race is a six-week program, held on school grounds. Let’s Race program is an innovation that has been designed to keep students interested in learning new and exciting skills so that they can enjoy lifelong participation in cycling.

The program provides the following key skills:
  • Undertake a basic bike and equipment safety check
  • Get used to group riding activities
  • Learn to start from different situations
  • Learn to stop in different situations
  • Practice emergency stopping (set and variable distance)
  • Undertake group riding and team activities
  • Practice riding in a paceline
  • Learn riding out of the saddle (basics, acceleration and sprints)
  • Learn cornering and race line
  • Review the Road Rules
  • Undertake team racing practice
Following the program, participants should be competent to take the next step to race in junior races at a cycling club.

Delivery Options (All Programs)


An accredited Let’s Ride Coach with qualified instructors can come to your school to deliver the program before, during or after-school hours. Programs will run with a minimum of 10 participants.


Cycling Australia will provide your school with a comprehensive, yet easy to use, Let’s Ride Delivery Pack which contains all of the resources and content required to deliver the Let’s Ride program.

Internal Loyalty*

For those schools that have already run an Internal Program, you may now be looking to run another Let’s Ride program with a different group of students. The content has been developed so that no prior coaching experience in cycling is required – any of your teachers, support staff can use it to deliver the program.

* Please enquire about the pricing of our Loyalty Program at

Flexible Program

Contact us to modify a program towards larger participant, session numbers or if you are in a rural or remote area.

The program is completely funded by Sporting Schools,
get to know more here.

The Let’s Ride/Race Pack includes the following resources:

  • Let’s Ride/Race Session Plans, including a complete session plan booklet and summary cards (digital and printed under request).
  • Let’s Ride/Race Delivery Resources, including cue cards and signage.
  • At-home skills and extension activities will be available on the Download Zone to parents upon completion of the session.
  • Participant Resources - drawstring bag (useful to carry the helmet), progression tracker (linked to the content and weekly at-home activities) and a bike licence card upon completion of the program.
  • Alignment of session plans to focus areas of lifelong physical activities (recreational cycling), fundamental movement skills (balancing and riding) and safety (safe practices in road and traffic environments.)
  • Provision of assessment reporting templates to assist teachers in the assessment and reporting of achievement standards in HPE, utilising observation checklists.
  • Provision of co-curricular activities in Yr. 3/4 (science-based unit) and Yr. 5/6 (humanities-based unit.)
  • Three months free membership with Cycling Australia. We will connect you to the closest club in your area. More details about the Club Membership here.

School Holiday Programs

Are you looking for a fun, new school holiday activity that your
child will love?

One that will improve their riding skills and teach them how to ride more safely and confidently?

Parents and teachers, if you are interested to take a Let’s Ride School Holiday Program to your area or want to know when the next program will be running in your area, please contact us!

Let’s Ride School Clinic

Looking to book a specific session for your school? For those schools that are not able to access Sporting Schools funding you can still book a Let’s Ride School Clinic through Cycling Australia.

The programs are customised for your schools needs. We will send out a Cycling Australia accredited coach that will plan out sessions.

Please contact us today to develop a program to meet your needs.

Here is a video of what happened during the International Track Series (ITS) school activation, in Victoria, in 2017.
If your school is interested in coming on board, register your interest today here