Become a Let’s Ride Coach

Support the long-term development of cycling in Australia!

Cycling Australia is now in the process of selecting and approving Let’s Ride Coaches to deliver the Let’s Ride program throughout the country. You will be supported by Cycling Australia and will receive a host of resources to enable them to deliver a nationally consistent program. In return, coaches will be required to meet a small number of requirements to ensure that the Let’s Ride program is delivered to a consistently high standard.

By becoming a Let’s Ride Delivery Coach, you will be supporting the long-term sustainable development of bike riding in the Australian culture, and building a large participation base for the long-term development of the sport.

What do you need to do?

In order to be selected as a Let’s Ride Coach you will need to meet four requirements: Capacity, Contacts, Consistency and Customer Service.


Register for a coaching course within Australia (click here for more information), have an updated Work with Children Check and First Aid certificate.


Let’s Ride coaches will need to connect with stakeholders and schools to roll out the Let’s Ride program in your designed area. Previous involvement with junior riding programs will also be looked upon favourably.


To ensure a nationally consistent program, Let’s Ride coaches will need to commit to delivering the Let’s Ride program through schools using the supplied Let’s Ride content. We expect coaches to implement key engagement activities, including at-home skills, worksheets and licence tests.

Customer service

Let’s Ride coaches will need to meet a set standard for customer service based on feedback from participants and their parents. Cycling Australia will also set expectations for responses to communication, data entry, invoicing, etc.

Become a Let's ride School

We provide professional development to teachers to undertake cycling training and deliver Let’s Ride in their school over consecutive terms per year. That will allow schools to apply for the Internal Loyalty Delivery and Cycling Australia will keep providing 3 months free membership for the students.

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