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Why Cycling?

Cycling Australia is committed to providing opportunities for more Aussie kids to get involved in cycling. Let’s Ride is Cycling Australia’s National Participation Program that aims to increase participation in cycling for primary and early secondary school students. The Let’s Ride program aims to help kids develop basic skills, safety awareness, health and fitness, while also seeding a love for the sport of cycling. The program is funded through the Australian Sports Commission; this means that there is no cost to parents for a funded program.

Bike riding is a skill that comes with a wide range of benefits. While most of us know that regular cycling contributes to better physical health, there are plenty of other reasons why learning to ride a bike is more important than ever. Here are just a handful of them:

Cycling keeps kids physically active

The Australian Guidelines for Health recommend that children should engage in at least one hour of vigorous physical activity every day to stay healthy. However, according to The Heart Foundation, as many as 80% of Australian children aren’t meeting these guidelines. Encouraging your child to ride a bike while they’re young helps to establish healthy exercise habits that are likely to stay with them for life.

It benefits kids’ mental health and learning

Riding a bike not only improves physical fitness, it also benefits your child’s learning development and mental health. Research shows that students that ride a bike to school are more focused and ready to learn, compared with those who are driven. Taking part in regular physical activity also has links to increase happiness, as well as giving kids more opportunities to make and maintain social connections.

It’s something the whole family can enjoy together

Learning how to ride in a family group can help foster stronger connections with loved ones, while also keeping everyone fit and moving. By cycling together, parents can demonstrate bike safety to their children and save petrol at the same time. Australia is home to some exciting and breathtaking views, made accessible from bike tracks, memories which can only be made and cherished from riding together.

It’s great for the environment

Teaching your child to ride a bike has long-term benefits for the environment. Using active transport like cycling instead of driving reduces carbon emissions, eases traffic congestion and eliminates parking problems. Less pollution and traffic mean our communities will become greener, healthier and less stressful places to live.

It’s a great way to get around

Once your child gets older, riding a bike becomes a quick and healthy way for them to get to and from school, sporting and social activities. Even better, it saves you time because your child won’t have to rely on you for lifts. Now that’s a benefit every parent can relate to!

Cycling is a fun and social sport

Cycling is a great sport to undertake to meet new friends and develop your skills. Why not join your local cycling club. Currently Cycling Australia has more than 200 clubs nationally.

Benefits of the Program

  • 3 Months FREE membership Ride Membership with Cycling Australia – We now offer a membership to keep you riding with your local club!
  • Access to Cycling Australia accredited coaches – Our program is delivered by more than 50 delivered by more than 50 Let's Ride Coaches
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers – We are continually working on new material to support teachers to deliver the program.
  • Opportunity for kids to develop a love of cycling – Kids can enter into the sport at any age or experience level
  • Alignment of Session Plans - The Program has been innovatively linked to the new national PDHPE curriculum to ensure that your curriculum outcomes are achieved through this program.
  • Additional Resources to support teachers including co-curricular activities (Science and Humanities based) and assessment reporting templates
  • Access to much loved Bike License for Primary School programs
  • Learning to ride is a life skill!
  • Supportive and inclusive sport
  • Develop life long bike safety skills
  • Membership includes insurance coverage (personal injury, 3rd party public liability, 3rd party personal injury)