New additions to Let’s Ride family

Cycling Australia (CA) is thrilled to announce the introduction of two new programs into the greatly successful Let’s Ride initiative for the 2018 fourth school term.

Let’s Ride is a fun and interactive national junior riding program split up into four categories, or ‘Gears’, aimed at teaching children how to ride safely and confidently.

Since the official launch of Let’s Ride in 2016, more than 17,000 children have been involved in the programs across the country.

After completing the online-based’ 1st Gear program, children will move onto 2nd Gear (8-10 years old) to learn bike control skills to ride in traffic-free environments.

The 3rd (10-12 years old) and 4th (12-15 years old) Gear programs aim to help strengthen riding skills, situational awareness, and road safety knowledge to encourage children to ride safely in low-traffic environments.

In term four, two new programs will begin in Let’s Race and Let’s Ride Schools.

Let’s Race is an enjoyable and interactive six-week program designed to teach children the skills of racing. Targeted towards children aged 9-12 years old, Let’s Race will help develop a natural ability and love for bike riding into an opportunity to participate and excel at a great sport for life.

Let’s Ride Schools is a new program which empowers schools to become leaders in cycling education. Up to eight teachers will be given the skills to become cycling instructors and at the completion of the course, teachers will be able to run their very own Let’s Ride sessions.

Each program will help teachers, parents and children by offering participants access to online resources which help children track their progress with weekly at-home activities.

Every student who participates in Let’s Ride will also receive a three-month CA Junior membership, which seeks to foster the enjoyment of riding via local cycling clubs.

CA CEO Steve Drake is excited by the evolution of the Let’s Ride program.

“We are elated with the success of the Let’s Ride program over the first two years with over seventeen thousand students learning how to ride their bikes safely,” he said.

“We are confident Let’s Race and Let’s Ride Schools will help us expose a new generation to the exciting sport of cycling and provide our schools and teachers with the knowledge to deliver these awesome programs.”