Huge success for Let’s Ride in Tasmania

Cycling Tasmania’s Let’s Ride programs are growing quick. Check out the testimonial from David Carter, Hillcrest Primary School Sports Coordinator, about the program.

“In the initial stages of applying for a Sporting Schools grant, our school was looking to select a sport that would engage our students at school in addition to be able to take home and use these skills in their local community. The Let’s Ride program fitted nicely into both aspects.

The sessions set up by Cycling Tasmania’s Let’s Ride Coordinator, Shellie Wakefield, reinforced our thoughts around preparing students to get on board with cycling safely, as some students had no or little experience of riding independently (in some instances students’ last experience with cycling dated back to training wheel days). Shellie’s flexibility around lesson content provided a catalyst for success for these riders. Catering for the more confident riders was also achieved around practical challenges and opportunity to focus on Road Safety skills. The lesson content provided suited our school environment with plenty of
grass space along with park type areas. A trip to the Sheffield Road Safety Park was a highlight to conclude the whole Let’s Ride experience.

Cycling Australia resources were an added bonus to complete the overall package of information for class room teachers and students. Touching base with our local Cycle shop, Derricos, was a significant element to providing the program, as they had provided a number of bikes for all participants that didn’t have bikes. Helmets were purchased from them at a discounted price. (They had also arranged a reduced price for families wanting to buy the
bikes used at the end of our program). Derricos also happily provided a trailer to enable us to transport bikes for our last session at the Road Safety Park. Their support was really appreciated. Similarly, contact with a local cyclist, Anya Louw, who had featured in the recent Oceania Games was a highlight for our students to touch base with her at our final Let’s Ride session. We were thankful for her contribution and connection as an example and role model for our students. In the weeks following the wrap up of our program a number of students were maintaining their cycling identity by riding to school on a regular basis. A number of parents with whom I have had conversations with, were thankful for the opportunity to contribute to progress their child’s riding ability and their understanding around road safety. We are certainly looking forward to the next Cycling Tasmania Let’s Ride experience for our school.”

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