Newlyn Kids on the Block

Nestled amongst the picturesque Victorian countryside, just outside of Ballarat, Newlyn Primary school is a great example of what can happen when your school chooses to run a Let’s Ride program.

While it’s a school of only 16 kids, it punches well above its weight when it comes to offering its students the best opportunities for kids, it is committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all its students.

We chatted with teacher Anthony Tait who ran a Let’s Ride program with the support Sporting Schools Funding.

How did you hear about the Let’s Ride program?

“I heard of Let’s Ride through the Sporting Schools Program, so we were able to get it fully funded, Cycling Australia organised a local coach to come out to our school and deliver the program, plus we had a few of our teachers assist with the delivery.

We ran the Let’s Ride course, to teach our kids the importance of riding a bike and get outside and having fun!”

Did you need to supply your own bikes for the course?

“While many students brought along their own bike, Newlyn PS purchased four bikes to make sure all our kids were able to learn how to ride over the course of the program.

The Let’s Ride Team brought along all of the other equipment and also supplied our teachers with training and tip sheets on bike education and safety, which have proven invaluable.”

What are some of the key benefits to your students?

“We now have three students riding to school on a daily basis and four who have left their bikes at school so they can go for a ride at lunchtime.”

Did it take a lot of time for you to organise the program?

“The program was very easy to organise as Let’s Ride took care of all the booking and finding a local coach. 

The coach, Kieran, did a great job at delivering the program, with all students improving their safety knowledge and riding techniques. I can see our school running this program again, as it has certainly improved our student’s confidence and they all had a great time!”

Keen to know more about Let’s Ride?

If you’d like to run a Let’s Ride program in your local school, Sporting Schools applications open Monday 5 March and close 23 March. To find out more about Let’s Ride, visit or apply for funding via the sporting schools website.

We’ve taught over 11,000 kids in the last two years how to safely and confidently ride a bike, our mission is to make sure every Aussie kid knows and loves riding a bike for a happier, healthier community!

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