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Let’s Ride

Learning to ride is a rite of passage, but learning to ride safely is a skill that children need to be taught. With more than 1.9 million Australian children riding their bikes every week, Cycling Australia launched Let’s Ride to bridge the gap between riding and riding responsibly.

Let’s Ride is a national junior riding program designed by Cycling Australia to be a fun learning experience for kids. The program teaches them to ride safely by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence – giving parents peace of mind.

The program is divided in four levels, or “gears” according to the age and skills of the children.

Let’s Race

Let’s Race is a fun and interactive experience that provides opportunity to learn higher level cycling skills designed for children 
 9 -12 years old.

Let’s Race program has been designed to keep students interested in learning new and exciting skills so that they can enjoy lifelong participation in cycling. It is a six-week program, held on school grounds. 


Let’s Ride Schools

Let’s Ride Schools is Cycling Australia’s newest program, helps your school get the most out of riding bikes.

As part of the program Cycling Australia will deliver a Skills Instructor Accreditation Training for up to 8 teachers, which empowers your teachers to run a Let’s Ride program.

Cycling Australia will offer an additional day of training in the form of a Let’s Ride workshop to enable effective implementation of the program with the accredited teacher coaches.

Let’s Ride School Clinic

For those schools that are not able to access Sporting Schools funding you can still book a Let’s Ride School Clinic through Cycling Australia. 

The programs are customised for your schools needs. We will send out a Cycling Australia accredited coach that will plan out sessions.

Let’s Ride School Holiday Program

Are you looking for a fun, new school holiday activity that your child will love?
One that will improve their riding skills and teach them how to ride more safely
and confidently?

Parents or teachers. If you are interested to take a Let’s Ride School Holiday Program to your area or get to know when the next program will be running in your area, please contact us!

Let’s Ride Pop Up

Cycling Australia invites schools to join our events and they bring a great level of excitement to the event. We engage the students with cycling idols, give them information about the sport, and provide the opportunity to sample cycling and to get involved with Let’s Ride.

Let’s Ride Pop Ups happen according to the Cycling Australia calendar of races. If your school is interested in being part of one of our events, please register your interest today.


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